Musical reminiscing

Many years ago, stuff was recorded. An odd bunch of guys got together and decided that a band should be formed. For some reason the name "Reggie Jackson and the Mysterious Odour" was chosen. Now it didn't go anywhere but it was fun and I just happened to stumble upon the results and decided to throw them out to the world.

The music itself was recorded and mastered by Neil Kelly, excellent teacher and generally patient individual.

Line Up

Lachlan "Lach" Ross Vocals, rhythm guitar and music writer.
Michael "Jonesy" Jones Lead guitar.
Dan "Healthy" Flanagan Drums.
Matt "Flanders" Howlett Bass.



Almost entirely recorded in one take.

Test A

Back when I thought I could cover my lack of bass playing ability with a ton of effects.


A good song if some fool hadn't thought it a good idea to add backing vocals.


A love song, about showing one's love by dropping a deuce on a barbecue. True story.

Later stuff

Later works with the band Recreational Outrage (apparently I like bands that start with the letter R) are available through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. This work was lovingly caressed by Todd Pierce of Frog Lab. The three piece was made of Todd Pierce on guitar and vocals, Chris Kwan on drums and myself, Matt Howlett on bass.