EMS - Capability Uplift

Another contract with the Enhanced Mapping Team. Initially taking over from another senior developer who was borrowed by another team. Initially I continued work impoving the geocoding service from my previous time with the team. Later this was expanded to further extend an address validation service. For external parties, for SEO purposes, I created a high performance RESTful service for accessing suburb, region, postcode and state data held in Solr. I also worked on the Javascript API, adding the ability to load it via asynchronous means and fixing various mobile related bugs. The last part of my work was around failover use cases for when the datastore component failed, ensuring, where possible, that all other services would continue working.

Since my previous time with the team, Gerrit had been added to the process and found myself enjoying the process of both reviewing and submitting code to it. The work also involved a fair bit of work using Cucumber and Ruby in terms of the acceptance tests.