Aug - Oct 2017

Put on as a senior software engineer and placed on a client site after the first week. The main work was to produce an asynchronous service to render PDF purchase orders. The service listened to a JMS queue (backed by an Amazon SQS queue), attempted to render the results, saving...

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Emersion Software Systems

Dec 2009 - Jun 2010

My work with Emersion was a combination of PHP and Java. Emersion built a web based account management product for internet service providers.

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Web Design Group

May 2005

Worked with the Web Design Group who had a Fatwire client where I was to focus my work. While I did receive training in Fatwire and was able to experiment with it, due to licensing problems, I was left with no work, so I moved on.

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Agentis Software

May 2004 - May 2005

Initially brought on to write automated HttpUnit tests, I developed an XML based testing framework, combining JUnit and Swing/AWT, which allowed the developers to write their own tests. Later was made part of the engineering team working on the NetBeans based Agentis product and assisting with consulting work.

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Jan 2000 - Jul 2002

Brought initially as a tester to test the company's main product, touch screen vending machines. Later I moved into the development of various reporting tools. These were written in JSP and served via Tomcat. Also I wrote AWT/Swing database tools.

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